The Guild

Guild name: The Brew Brothers
Realm: Ashbringer
Game: World of Warcraft Classic
340 and growing

Leveling, Questing, Running Dungeons. Drinking?
We’ve got you covered. The Brew Brothers is a Social Guild Looking for members!
For everything classic related.


Wildwire – Guild master
Claybeard –
Co Master
Chalcifer –
Co Master
Telkas –
Co Master

Meditrina – Guild Officer
Teldra – Guild Officer
Treeant – Guild Officer
Lucathiel – Guild Officer
Amusedpotato – Guild Officer
Plainview – Guild Officer

Join us

This guild has founded the day after classic has released! Feel free to ask our Chain of command any questions, Don't worry we won't bite, The brew brothers is a friendly environment! so Join us now!


The Guild is an active part of Neptune's Discord. You're most welcome to join the server and interact with us; we don't bite. In addition, the Community Discord will be the best place to stay up to date with live streams, images and YouTube Videos. Be sure to stay tuned - join the Discord today!
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