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In Paper Cult's Bloodroots, you can knock all of the blood out of someone's body with one good whack of a carrot. Need I say more? This wildly violent action game is releasing on Switch, PlayStation 4, and the Epic Games Store on February 28.

Bloodroots follows the exploits of Mr. Wolf, a warrior who is defeated, left for dead, and then goes on a quest of revenge against the people that took him down. Set in the Weird West, your bid for justice unfolds through combos that can be dealt from hatchets and even a carrot. yes, an ordinary carrot. You can also attach giant fish to the heads of enemies to blind them. The world features plenty of interaction for both combat and traversal. You'll come across a giant wind-up shoe that you can use to bounce around and smash enemies. It looks like good, bloody fun.

According to an official press release from Paper Cult, the development team brought in Nick Suttner (of Guacamelee 2 and Celeste fame) to "help flesh out and write the game's characters and dialogues."

Bloodroots is Paper Cult's second game. The first was 2017's Fat Mask, an arcade puzzle brawler for one to four players that oddly looks like a mix of Towerfall and Tetris.


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