Our Life RP GTA V Roleplay Server [PC]


Server Information

About OLRP

OLRP strives in our expertise, maturity, respect and overall professionalism. Join a place where you can have fun and earn ranks, titles and accomplishments THAT YOU CAN be proud of. The goal  is to bring  you A FUN AND professional experience. This community brings everyone together who shares a common goal or passion in life. We want everyone to enjoy the experience and at the end of the day be able to have more self pride for accomplishing something greater than yourself. Each member deserves the same amount of respect as everyone else. 

Recommended by Neptune Gaming

Top class community, ran by mature professionals with a clear agenda. Neptune Gaming is thrilled to partner with OLRP and hope such a friendship will bring great benefits to both communities in the future.

Community Manager
Extremely promising partnership between two dedicated, professional communities. OLRP looks committed, keen and reliable. We have no doubt in our mind their GTA V will be a huge success.


The Important Information

Server Rules

Community Rules

Rule One

  • Respect everyone in the Community.
  • No use of racist/homophobic or sexual remarks IN or OUT of character. (Automatic BAN after investigation.)
  • Targeting someone with offensive language or threats out of character is not allowed.
  • Erotic RP is not acceptable and is never to used or roleplayed on our server.
  • Use Common Sense.
  • We are not looking for mergers. 

Breaking Character

Rule Two

  • No matter the situation don’t break character. Take it out of game to discuss what is going on.
  • Never talk in OOC manner about Police/EMS being “Unfair”
  • Do not talk about admins, reporting, rule breaks, or badly seen RP.

Value of Life

Rule Three

  • The value of life is putting in place to make sure the server RP immersion is better regardless of your role in the server.
  • This rule is in place to make a realistic environment and make sure you think about “real life” more in the situation.
  • If someone has a gun already pulled out and aiming at your head do not try and fight them.
  • Do not sell drug or commit crimes in front of Police Stations.

New Life

Rule Four

  • If you are killed in RP situation where you are not revived and wake up at the hospital you will forget everything that happened and any memories from the event leading up to your death.
  • If you are picked up by EMS on scene New life rule does not apply but try to keep the RP going and you have been really hurt.

Bugs and Exploits

Rule Five

  • If you find a bug report it immediately. Do not abuse it.
  • If you find a exploit report it immediately. Do not abuse it.
  • Do not use any third party applications to give yourself in game advantages.
  • Do not cheat in anyway at all.

Combat Logging

Rule Six

  • If you have died in game there is no possible situation leaving the server is allowed.
  • You must wait to be revived or wait until you can respawn in the hospital.


Rule Seven

  • You can rob other players and stores but it much be valid RP.
  • Forcing them to go their house or bank to steal their stuff is not allowed.
  • Making them physically giving you ownership of their items such as car, property, business is not allowed.


Rule Eight

  • Do cop baiting.
  • Never call police/ems for any scenario where you do not need them.
  • EMS are a neutral service. They should not be harmed.


Rule Nine

  • If you are applying for Member access please be aware that there is a 30 day probationary period that you will be evaluated in which your RP character will be tested.
  • If there are any rule breaks during this time we will remove your whitelist tag in which you will have to reapply and be evaluated.
  • You must be 16+ to be whitelisted
  • You must be active in Discord at a minimum to keep the tags.


Rule Ten

  • You must wait 24 hours before you report someone. This will give you enough time to try and resolve the matter with the person you are reporting. We require proof that you have reached out to the person.
    Exception is if it posses as a security risk.


Rule Eleven 

Will not be allowed

  • RDM – Random deathmatch is killing another player with no valid RP reason.
  • VDM – Vehicle deathmatch is using a vehicle to intentionally hurt another player or break there care for no valid RP reasons.
  • Revenge Killing – This is getting killed by someone and purposely seeking them out with no RP involved.


Rule Twelve

  • Using knowledge of server events or talking in a third party application while on the server.

These rules are subject to change at any time. It is highly recommended to join Delta Gaming’s services to maintain transparency with this Community & to stay fully informed with their server rules. If the rules on this page differ to DeltaRP’s materiel’s, their rule set will always take precedence.

Star Qualities

Up to date features

The latest version of EUP+ our own custom peds

Vehicle Skins

Over 300 Civilian Vehicles including add on vehicles for our Donors and Nitro Boosters.

Additional Add On’s

150+ add-on vehicles for law enforcement, fire, EMS, and other government services. All lore friendly.

Unique Features

Various custom stations, such as an LSSD station in West Vinewood, an SAHP station in Harmony, and an extended Mission Row interior along with Pillbox Hill Hospital.


LSPD, LSIAP, LSPP, DPPD, RHPD, LSSD, BCSO, and SAHP. Various sub departments such as  K-9, Motorcycle, Bicycle and more.

Realistic Fire Department

An extremely realistic fire department setup – we have LSCoFD, BCFD, and SanFire. Lifeguard, arson investigation, firefighting aircraft, and more, for fire department.


Very high framerates, along with next to no texture loss, thanks to advanced optimization and lore friendly vehicles. Massive development/creator team, working with us to improve the server.

Community Orientated

Friendly Staff and Community. 16+ Server with realistic RP