Every gift helps us continue our work to build a gaming community for everyone to participate in, have a voice in and feel apart of. 

Since we founded Neptune back in 2016, our community has withstood the test of time on the support and appreciation we receive from our user base. And a large, impacting factor for this, we believe, is that our community realise that all the gifts donated to us are used to benefit the community as a whole. Most notably, donations are used to fund the following:

  1. Giveaways; 
  2. Game Servers; 
  3. Events; and, 
  4. Other Community related content – such as, our domain name, professional photography, trademarking, web hosting, dedicated servers & other gaming related tools.

As a Thank You for your donation, we provide everyone who donates with the following perks

1. An exclusive tag on Discord, with a unique colour so you stand out from the rest;
2. A massive shout out on Discord to say thank you for your support; and lastly, 
3. We will list the top 10 Donator’s on our Discord as a ever lasting gester of our appreciation of your donation. 


Feel welcome to drop us a message if you would like to comment on your Donation