No Name DayZ Roleplay Server [PC]

Aim of the Game

The Beginning

DayZ is a survival video game developed and published by Bohemia
Interactive. It is the standalone successor of the mod of the same name.
Following a five-year long early access period for Windows, the game
was officially released in December 2018, and was released for the Xbox
One and PlayStation 4 in 2019.

We are proud to team up with No Name DayZ to offer our players more entertainment. Be sure to check them out.

Our Factions

Meet our Administrations Team



Server Rules

Rule One

Please only share server information to friends and allies – no social media. 

Sharing the servers password is strictly forbidden. 

Rule Two

If you’re online playing on our server, you must be shown as online on the PS4 Network. 

Rule Three

We expect and promote all of our member base to be polite, respectful and mature at all times towards one another. 

Rule Four

Cheating on our DayZ server results in an instant and permanent ban. 

Utilising glitches to raid or any sort of in games glitches is cheating.

Rule Five

Only take what you need or can carry.

Dead dropping (Dropping items on the floor to despawn) is prohibited. Occasionally taking storage means it sometimes may be unavoidable but when it is avoidable, it should be, Stacking items such as car parts in a tower to boost into a base is prohibited. Wire mesh barriers can be used BUT must be filled before jumping over. This is to ensure it takes more than 20 seconds to get in and work in line with our slower base raiding settings.

You CANNOT access inventory or interact with items through walls. If you would not be able to perform the action in real life, like accessing a barrel’s inventory through a wall, then you may not do it in game.

Police station & trade station is not raidable.

When an intruder in located inside another players base, KOS is permitted but RP is encouraged.

Rule Six

When your life is at risk or you’re subjected to a hostile action by other players, you’re allowed to defend yourself. 

Rule Seven

Hostile situations must focus on the role play experiences of both the attackers and victims. 

Rule Eight

No combat logging at any time while on the server. 

For example, logging out during a firefight, to save gear, rage-quitting or logging out whilst restrained/detained.

Rule Nine

Anyone who surrenders must be kept alive. Those arrest, or held captive, must not post ANYTHING AT ALL on discord, all out going comms is shut off.

Rule Ten

When raiding a base, do not destroy unnecessary walls. 

Rule Eleven 

KOS is limited to military bases only. You can engage in conversation or open fire at will. Any deaths within 50-100 meters of a PVP zone will be looked upon as a legitimate PVP kill.

Building bases within 400 meters of a military installation is prohibited. 

Rule Twelve

The trading post has been designed as a base for goods to be traded for desired items as well as a support for those in need.

No raiding at all (meaning, trade locations can’t be raided and traders can’t raid either), if you wish to roleplay with the trading post, in hostile manor, storage(ie tents, barrels) can not be removed.
Items in storage can be accessed but only required items you need. No dead dropping to respawn. The trading post is for all to interact with. Need to trade items, or in a sticky situation. Just pop over and introduce yourself.

Rule Thirteen

Pink armbands admin.
Green armbands trading post members.
Black arm bands North Chernous Mailta.
Red armbands West Cherno Freeworld.
Blue armbands east Cherno Rebels.
Yellow armbands South Cherno Peacekeepers. 

The fraction part of the game is the hardest parts to play in role play. They require the best and most dedicated members and strongest roleplayers.

The rule set for fractions.
They are free to engage with each other anywhere on the map (so be careful what arm bands you pick up). 

Before any shot is made, it must be dead certain that it is an opposing fractions.

BLACK RED AND BLUE arm bands are pretty straightforward in terms of engaging each other.

However, the yellow armbands are the peacekeepers between the three opposing units. They will be approachable to all people in non armbands and are there to assist the police force thats starting to gain momentum.

Again remember there are civilians out there, they are strictly to initiate roleplay with first!

For leadership positions will be interviewed for roleplay experience must have a good understanding and be a strong role player.

Leveling up within your fractions is down to the
individual groups.

Rule Fourteen

Killing of a player is allowed if there is a reasonable reason, RP has to be initiated, and victim has to be told the end goal is execution. Once taken victim, allow 10 mins before execution, this gives time for victim to speak and maybe cut a deal, after victim is dead, they cannot spawn and begin a hunt for revenge, their memory is wiped from previous events, simply spawn and carry on, no grudges to be held after death.

Rule Fifteen

The use of OOC knowledge, directly or indirectly, to influence actions or decisions whilst in game is not permitted.This Includes the use of third party software (i.e. another Discord server) to gain information that could influence the environment on our RP Server. It is paramount that you must only act on information obtained through RP and in character chats on our Discord.

Star Qualities

Active Uniformed Police officers on our server. 

Stocked trading posts for when times get rough.

Well established in-game currency.

A vetted player base.

Our staff team have years of experience in hosting servers. 

We make everyone feel at home.

Got an idea? Share it with us, we’re keen to improve.