About Us

Neptune Gaming is a unique gaming community built around the blood,sweat and tears of a group of passionate gamer’s.
With an unfettered love for video games!

When the Founders of the community established Neptune in 2016.
We intended on creating a open gaming community that would attract like minded gamer’s together under one conglomerate. Since our humble beginnings as game server owners.
We’ve continued to grow as a tight knit family bounded together by gamer’s for gamer’s.

With over 500 active users on our Discord,
Neptune has developed a positive, friendly environment where all voices are heard & listened to.  A group where you can express yourself without prejudice and a home for those that embrace honesty, loyalty and camaraderie. In addition to this, Neptune helps promote the competitive nature of the community by housing esports teams in various games such as Dota 2, Overwatch, Fortnite, EVE online, League of Legends and most importantly events. We promote tournaments for our community with snazzy rewards, host movie & anime nights for the community.
Join and socialise with other users and lastly, we offer unique content and giveaways that are secured by the partnerships, investments and acquisitions made by the Founders of the community.

Neptune is striving towards becoming a renowned professional gaming organisation. That hosts a variety of professional teams across different games and platforms under one conglomerate. And as a community, we are over the moon to learn that you’ve taken a particular interest in Neptune.

– we hope to see you hit that button below!